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Intersection Improvements: South Pierce St. / West Simcoe St.


Future Project



Intersection Improvements: South Pierce St. / West Simcoe St.


Intersection Improvements
Construction Start
Construction Complete

Public Works Project Number: 1860

Project Length (miles): 0.20

Parish District: 5

Construction Estimate: $450,000.00

Project Cost: $620,000.00

Project Type: Community Development & Planning

Designer: CSRS, LLC



The Intersection Improvements: South Pierce St. / West Simcoe St. project aims to enhance the safety and functionality of the South Pierce St. and West Simcoe St. intersection by narrowing the existing pavement to improve the intersection radii and elimination the turn lanes. This project also includes sidewalk buffers, ADA compliant sidewalks, brick stamped concrete crosswalks, on-street parking, bus shelters, barrier curb installation, tree planting, mill and overlay, and ADA improvements at the intersections. In summary, the Intersection Improvements: South Pierce St. / West Simcoe St project aims to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities, improve safety for pedestrians and motorists, expand green spaces to create a more welcoming corridor, and improve the overall aesthetics of the intersection.



The graphic below provides a conceptual view of the proposed improvements that will be considered for the project.



The upgraded corridor will consist of a grass buffer on both sides of the roadway which will consist of new plants and trees. These new plants and trees will provide numerous benefits such as reducing air pollution, providing shade, and improving the overall appearance of the corridor. These new vegetated buffers can also help to mitigate stormwater runoff by allowing rainwater to be absorbed into the soil and plants rather than simply flowing into storm drains or other drainage systems. This can help to reduce the amount of water that needs to be managed by these systems and can also help to prevent flooding and erosion. In addition to their drainage benefits, vegetated buffers can also serve as important components of green infrastructure.



Upon research, there have not been any significant considerations identified that must be reviewed and potentially addressed.

*Note that this is not exhaustive of possible future environmental considerations.



A preliminary assessment of the project area is provided for the utilities listed below. Potential utility relocation costs will be included in the project budget if the infrastructure is located within the utility’s own servitude.



The project expects to stay in the existing right-of-way except at the location of the new bus shelter on South Pierce St. Potential construction servitudes may also be required for the removal of the existing sidewalks and the replacement of driveways to make them ADA compliant for the new sidewalks.

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