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Duhon Road Widening (Rue De Belier To Johnston)


Future Project



Duhon Road Widening (Rue De Belier To Johnston)


Construction Start
Construction Complete

Public Works Project Number: 1151

Project Length (miles): 0.5

Parish District: 2

Construction Estimate: $6,100,000.00

Project Cost: $7,625,000.00

Project Type: Traffic, Roads, & Bridges

Designer: Mader Engineering, Inc.



The Duhon Road Widening project aims to enhance the safety and functionality of the Rue du Belier and Duhon Road intersection by constructing a roundabout. This new roundabout is expected to reduce delays and improve traffic flow compared to the existing condition. Duhon Road will also be widened with a median and two lanes in each direction. The proposed layout will provide access management which will reduce conflict points along the corridor, reduce congestion, and spur economic development by promoting efficient movement. Due to the implementation of access management, "J-turns" and their associated turn lanes will need to be constructed to allow U-turns. The upgraded corridor will also consist of sidewalks which will enhance accessibility by connecting pedestrian facilities from Rue du Belier to Johnston St.



To view more details for this project, please click below to download a PDF of the project renderings.

Download PDF • 22.91MB



The graphic below provides a conceptual view of the proposed improvements that will be considered for the project.



The upgraded corridor will consist of a grass median and grass buffers on both sides of the roadway. These new green spaces will provide numerous benefits such as reducing air pollution, providing shade, and improving the overall appearance of the corridor. They can also help to mitigate stormwater runoff by allowing rainwater to be absorbed into the soil and plants rather than simply flowing into storm drains or other drainage systems. This can help to reduce the amount of water that needs to be managed by these systems and can also help to prevent flooding and erosion.

This project will construct subsurface storm drain pipes and manholes of various sizes along the project. Throughout the project, the construction team will carefully monitor the drainage system to ensure that it is functioning correctly. They will also make any necessary adjustments to the system to ensure that it is optimized for the area's drainage needs.

The new corridor will utilize a closed (sub-surface) system with curb and gutter to collect and transport water runoff quickly to a stormwater system which will aid in the prevention of flooding.



Minimal environmental considerations have been identified and must be reviewed and potentially addressed. This includes:

  • Removal of existing trees.

*Note that this is not exhaustive of possible future environmental considerations.



A preliminary assessment of the project area is provided for the utilities listed below. Potential utility relocation costs will be included in the project budget if the infrastructure is located within the utility’s own servitude.



The project at hand involves significant right-of-way acquisition and construction servitudes, which are necessary for the widening and roundabout. The right-of-way acquisition process will involve identifying the required areas for the new roundabout and widening of the existing roadway. This will involve a careful analysis of the project plans to determine the amount of land needed to accommodate the new infrastructure.

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