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The Geaux Lafayette Infrastructure Program is dedicated to improving and enhancing the city of Lafayette. From traffic improvements to better roadways, we are paving the way to a better future. We strive to ensure that Lafayette citizens stay informed on all project progress and that their taxpayer money is put to good use. Our team of dedicated stakeholders is committed to making a positive impact in the city by delivering lasting improvements.
Lafayette Mayor President Josh Guillory


My fellow citizens,


It is with great excitement that I announce the initiation of Geaux Lafayette, a comprehensive infrastructure development program. As part of our commitment to transparency and addressing critical concerns, such as public safety, infrastructure, and responsible fiscal management, Geaux Lafayette represents a substantial step forward in connecting with our citizens and showcasing the diligent efforts of Lafayette Consolidated Government.

The Geaux Lafayette initiative encompasses 23 road projects spanning the entire parish, each carefully planned to improve mobility, capacity, and safety. Collectively valued at $85 million, these projects will be executed over the next three years. We anticipate the commencement of six projects in 2023, ten in 2024, and the remaining seven in 2025.

Our unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life in our community drives the implementation of the Geaux Lafayette program. Together, we will continue to forge a better and brighter future for Lafayette.



Josh Guillory

Lafayette Mayor-President


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